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Kayak Adventure  or Self Guided Kayak Adventure

Are you ready to kayak?  If you are visiting Savannah, or Tybee Island, Ga start your kayaking from Tybee Island’s premier waterfront location, We launch from Alley street, the back river launch point, Tybee Island Georgia. Come and kayak with the island’s best. You can kayak to Little Tybee Island from this point. You may encounter indigenous wildlife and numerous birds on the way.  Always be prepared for our playful bottle nose dolphins, as they will sometimes swim along the side of your kayak!!! We use the Ocean Kayak brand sit-on-top kayaks.  One of the world most famous and probably the best sit-on-top kayaks on the market.  They are safe, stable and fun.

Must be 13 & older to paddle a single kayak.   Ages 4 to 12 years of age can join together to paddle on a tandem kayak, or one child and one adult can paddle together on a tandem kayak.  Max of two person per kayak.

You cannot add a third person on a tandem kayak regardless of the size.  Unfortunately, children under the ages of 4 years are not allowed for safety reasons.


Tybee Island  & Savannah, GA  favorite place for Kayaking

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We provide instructions, paddles, seats, life vests with all kayaking activities.

Sit-on-Top Kayak Advantages

Sit-on-top kayaks have a few advantages over sit-insides, one of which is comfort. Paddlers with large body types, long legs, or limited flexibility may feel more comfortable and less confined paddling a sit-on-top. One of the biggest benefits is there is no risk of entrapment if the boat tips over. Because the sit-on-tops kayak have an open deck, if you tip over, just flip the kayak over and climb back on top.  On the other hand,  the enclosed  sit-inside kayak, you may need to practice Eskimo rolls and others techniques so that you are not trapped inside the kayak.

We use Ocean Kayak’s sit-on-top kayaks. These kayaks are fun, safe and stable 

Kayak Tybee Island with man’s best friend!!!

Bring your pet along to enjoy the paddle. We are Tybee Island’s Original pet friendly company – as you can probably tell from our mascot  – Aqua Dawg, “Cricket III” & Otis XVIII.  We have life vests of all sizes to fit your furry friends.  Some kayaking experience is required if you paddling with a pet.

Anyone bringing a pet must have prior kayak experience and must meet certain safety requirements.  Call office for details.

“Aqua Dawg”  says: “Come Paddle with Me”.     

Savannah Ga & Tybee Island Number #1 place for kayaking!!!!!  If you live in Savannah Ga, or the surrounding area, it’s time for a weekend getaway — hope to see you soon.



Little Tybee Self Guided Adventure Tour

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This self guided tour allows you to paddle over to Little Tybee Island’s Beach at your own pace. You leave from our Alley 3 location and paddle over to Little Tybee Island, a beautiful uninhabited Island.

We provide instructions, tour route and equipment. Equipment includes kayak, seat, paddle and life jacket. Life jacket must be worn at all times while on the Kayak.

You must have kayak experience. Paddling effort is required on this self guided tour.

Mininum of two person required to particpate on the Self Guided Adventure for safety reasons.

This Self Guided Tour begins around one hour before low tide. This allows you the opportunity to go on Little Tybee Island’s Beach, because you cannot get on the island’s beach at high tide. At high tide the island’s beach is submerged under water. At low tide the beach is accessible.

When you arrive at Little Tybee Island, you can beach comb, sun bath or take a scroll up and down the beach area. You cannot go into the protected dunes or tree areas or sand bars along the way.

Make sure you pull your kayak up all the way on the beach to ensure it does not float away. Do not leave the kayak close to the water beacause the tide will pull the kayak back in the water and your kayak will float away and you will be STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(with no way back to the main land). Please ensure you pull your kayak to high ground on the beach.

What to bring

Please bring Shoes that can get wet. Your feet will get wet!!!!! Water, sunscreen, and clothing that can get wet.

Single $50   Tandem $70

Prices are subject to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savannah Kayak Tours & Tybee Island Kayak Tours are open for small & large groups, summer camps, social clubs, churches, military units and business organizations.  We offer the best and most affordable tour prices on the island.

Private kayak tours are also available contact the office for details

Kayaks not available during the hours of darkness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No kayaking if high winds or adverse weather is expected in the area

We do not have overnight kayaks adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!