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Jet Ski Tour  (Private Tour)

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If you are looking for an unforgettable Jet Ski tour, you are at the right place!!

Come and ride with us on a Private, exciting and educational guided jet ski tour.  Our Private  Jet Ski tour takes you on a journey you will not forget.


We travel at a relaxed pace, enjoying the scenery as we make our way through Dolphin Bay.

Don’t be surprise if we encounter a few Dolphins along the way.

Bring your best smile and get ready for some fun.

Here is how it works? We provide safety instructions and hand-on instructions on how to operate the jet ski. You will have a Jet Ski Guide that leads you on your journey throughout the entire time on a wonderful narrated tour filled with excitement and unforgettable memories.

Come Ride with us and get ready to have some fun!!!

Anyone who is under the influence of DRUGS, ALCOHOL or MARIJUANA, or SUSPECTED OR BELIEVED to be under the influence of DRUGS, ALCOHOL or MARIJUANA will not be allowed to participate. If you had a reservation there is no refund for the scheduled activity.

Operator’s Safety Information

You must be able to Communicate Effectively with the Guide to operate the Jet Ski for Safety Reasons.

You will receive Safety Instructions on how to operate the Jet Ski and you must demonstrate that you understand the Safety Instructions.

The Guide must be able to Communicate with you to ensure you understood the Safety Instructions.  You must demonstrate that you can apply the Safety Instructions when asked to demonstrate Safety Procedures or other actions that are necessary for your Safety when needed.

 The Guide will determine if the Communication is sufficient.

You May Participate but Not operate the Jet Ski for Safety Reasons.

Safety is the Paramount concern for all customers.


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Call for reservations: (912) 786 – 8062