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Kayak Fishing Charter

Kayak Fishing Charter

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Book our kayak fishing charter and get ready for an experience you will never forget. Our fishing charters are for the seasoned fisherman or for the beginner looking to experience awesome kayak fishing for the first time. Therefore, everyone get ready to fish!!!!!!!!!!!! and let’s have some fun while doing it.



Don’t get stuck fishing on the pier or only fishing in one spot on the shore banks.

What are the advantages of kayak fishing?  First of all, kayak fishing allows you to fish at different places along the shores or in deep water to allow more flexibility.  In addition, it gives you the chance to fish in shallow waters that most motorized boats cannot reach. Kayak fishing provides you with an exceptional opportunity to target all types of fish specific to this region. You will have an awesome experience with the expertise of a professional guide who has an amazing passion and commitment to the world of kayak fishing.  Join us and we will assist you in knocking off a few fish on your bucket list!!!!

This is a true adventure you don’t want to miss

We feature the Old Town Predator Fishing Kayaks on our fishing charters.  Probably, the most comfortable and stable fishing kayak on the market. This is especially relevant when you are fishing for a extended period of time off a kayak, knowing that comfort and safety is always a concern.

Prices include The Predator Fishing Kayak loaded with all types of accessories,  two fishing rods, cooler, ice,  tackle and bait and of course our Professional Charter Fishing Guide

Georgia fishing license required

Therefore, it seems like, all you need now is to book a fishing charter and get ready for some fun.

Fishing license link:     http://www.georgiawildlife.com/licenses-permits-passes


Kayak Fishing Charter locations  

Choose from three fishing locations:

SKIDAWAY NARROWS — Savannah, Ga  This barrier island river fishing is popular for many locals.  Most common fish caught:  Trout, Red fish, Flounder and Sheepshead


The Tybee Island, Lazaretto Creek transitions from creek to ocean bay shoals, back to salt marsh estuary providing a rich target environment for fishing. Most common fish caught:  Trout, Red fish, Flounder and Sheepshead


Self Guided Kayak Fishing

 Enjoy self guided kayak fishing by fishing on your own finding the hot spots or go to your own secret location.  If that does not work, let us share some of our secrets spots.  You can leave from our dock or take the Fishing Kayak with you to your special location, it’s all up to you.  We offer two kayak fishing rental packages.  The Essential Kayak Fishing Rental package and The Loaded Caper Fishing Kayak Rental package.
Essential package includes: Fishing kayak, two rod holders, life jacket, paddle and seat.
The Loaded Caper package includes: Fishing kayak, two rod holders, life jacket, paddle, seat, fishing net, cooler, ice, water, one fishing rod & reel with hooks.