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Ready to hop on one of our waverunners for an hour of jet ski fun?  See some wildlife in Dolphin Bay?  This is the place that makes it happen.  Come and ride our new Yamaha VX High Output Waverunners.

Here at Tybee Jet Ski & Watersport, you will have the opportunity to drive fast or slow – or watch the wildlife – or try it all, you choose your fun during an hour of action in Dolphin Bay.

We have single jet skis (one person) or a double/tandem jet ski ( two person on one jet ski) available.  There is a weight limited and age requirements for safety reasons.   Please read requirement and FAQ information to ensure you meet the standards.

Don’t worry if you have no experience, we have trained personal watercraft activity coordinators to give you basic instructions on how to operate the waverunner, they also monitor the water if you need assistance.  So come and join the fun.      Tybee Jet Ski & Watersports

All activities are in a designated area in the bay.  Also, there is NO  In & Out of ride area to switch riders.  Please read FAQ and requirements for more details.

How does it work? We provide safety gear, safety instructions and hand on instructions on how to operate the jet ski. You go to the Bay area. You ride for an hour, when time is up you come back in.

Zero tolerance for drug, alcohol or marijuana for all participants. This means anyone who is under the influence of DRUGS, ALCOHOL or MARIJUANA, or SUSPECTED OR BELIEVED to be under the influence of  DRUGS, ALCOHOL or MARIJUANA will not be allowed to participate.  If you had a reservation there is no refund for the scheduled activity.  (Please read reservation policy!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Operator’s Safety Information

You must be able to Communicate Effectively with the Guide to operate the Jet Ski for Safety Reasons.

You will receive Safety Instructions on how to operate the Jet Ski and you must demonstrate that you understand the Safety Instructions.

The Guide must be able to Communicate with you to ensure you understood the Safety Instructions.  You must demonstrate that you can apply the Safety Instructions when asked to demonstrate Safety Procedures or other actions that are necessary for your Safety when needed.

 The Guide will determine if the Communication is sufficient.

You May Participate but Not operate the Jet Ski for Safety Reasons if the guide determines that communication is not sufficient.

Safety is the Paramount concern for all customers.

 Important Note!
All reservations must arrive 30 minutes before departure time so that we may check your group in. A full charge will occur for any reservations that do not show up 30 minutes before departure time!  We welcome walk-ups but reservations are suggested. All drivers must have valid photo ID. 

Please read reservation policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the pictures you see on our web site are photos previously taken of customers that have visited our establishment.

“No stock photos here”.


The Ultimate Jet Ski Adventure

Special treat: While cruising around Dolphin Bay, watching the birds and wildlife, don’t be surprised if a dolphin or two stop by to say hello.

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